Turbocharger for Tractor – China manufacturer of Automobiles & Motorcycles parts


Turbocharger for Tractor Parts:

Pinion Gear: inspected and replaced as needed to meet engineering specifications.
Field Coil: inspected, striped and high voltage tested.
Armature: cleaned and high-voltage tested.
Solenoid Coil: 100% voltage tested.
Terminal Bolts: 100% re-plated with copper.
Commutator: polished, gauged and performance tested.
Housing: Re-tapped to OE standards and damage-checked for heat warping, corrosion or improper surface alignment and refinished.

Turbocharger for Tractor Delivery Process:

1. We will keep tracing of every process in the manufacturing from the beginning to the end.
2. Every parts quality checked & cleaned before packing.
3. Before parts delivery, clients could send one QC or point the third party to check the quality.
4. After the delivery, we will keep tracing of the car parts quality and we will try our best to help the clients when the problems happen.

as China professional manufacturer and supplier of Turbocharger for Tractor, offer Turbocharger for Tractor with the best price. welcome to choose and buy Turbocharger for Tractor. also can contact us by Email: info@syturbo.com and visit our company homepage: http://www.syturbo.com


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